Why Buy With Us
Why Buyers Are Choosing The Haas Team...

Why Buy With Us?


#1 Lindsey is a Certified Master Negotiator

Lindsey Haas negotiates all the contracts for The Haas Team and is a seasoned, experienced and Certified as a Master Negotiator & Certified Real Estate Negotiation Expert. Having someone on your side that knows the ins and outs of the Georgia Law, Real Estate Code, Contract law and what works in your best interest is crucial for a smooth and beneficial transaction. Buying or selling a home is not just about finding a home or placing a sign in the yard, there is so much to know and do during the contract process to protect your best interest, negotiating repairs, finding affordable and reliable vendors to help you through those repairs and most importantly disclosing information properly so you are not liable for a lawsuit later down the road. A full time experience agent will exceed your expectations in all of these areas and be your insurance for a bright and safe future.

#3 Customer Service & Client Support

Our team works hard to be sure you are well taken care of and that all your questions are answered quickly and thoroughly. The one thing that most of all our clients rave about is our responsiveness and ability to treat our clients like they are the only ones we have. Not only do you deal with us directly on your transaction but you also have the support of our office staff that are there to ensure we are meeting important deadlines and have all the information we may need to help you make an informed decision. Our office staff also keeps in close contact with the lenders, agents and closing attorneys to ensure a smooth and pain free transaction. We honestly become friends with many of our clients because we treat them like our family through their transaction and long after they close. Our clients happiness is our upmost concern, we strive to have Clients for Life

#4 Access to Affordable Vendors

We have a handful of wonderful vendors that will not only help you obtain the best priced loan but inspect the home for issues, help you repair those issues and help you prepare the home for sale. Our clients love to use our vendors because they show up on time, offer competitive prices and do a great job. Our vendors want to keep our team happy so we continue to keep them busy so having rapport with a vendor is key to getting results. We strive to save our clients money when it comes to home improvements and repairs and feel good about those we suggest.

Buy or sell your home with our team! We are not only exceeding expectations, we are setting standards of what it means to be a GREAT REALTOR!

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