Why Sell With Us
Why Sellers Are Choosing The Haas Team...

Our sellers sold their homes for an average of 99.8% of the their list price in just 15 days!

What does this mean for our clients?

Our sellers received 2.4% more for their homes, equaling about $7,200 more in their pockets than their competition and sold 23 days faster!!

#1 Our Proven Track Record

Our sales track record proves we sell and know just how to do it. The average agent sells 14 homes year. Our 2 person team sells between 65-100 homes a year and we do it all with direct service to our clients. We never take on more than we can handle and we don’t take every listing or every buyer we encounter. We work with those we feel are a match for our team because we want to give 100% of our attention and make each client feel as if they were our only client. We have achieved this with remarkable results.

#2 Superior Marketing Strategies

Our team is effective at online as well as print marketing. Not only do we spend the time to get to know your home when selling, we write content that will surely tell your story as well as attract the right buyers. We don’t just stick a sign in the yard and pray the home sells. We really drive deep and find out what type of buyer is the best fit for your type of home and we strategize to market to all buyers as well as those type of buyers in a more effective goal oriented manner. We use not only social media marketing but syndication to hundreds of websites, Voice Pad marketing on your sign as well as in house packets to give the buyer just what they need to choose your home. Our clients love that we perform open houses on their homes because we know how to drive the traffic and bring in the buyers. If an agent tells you open houses don’t work then most likely they don’t want to work on the weekends or they are placing showing buyers other homes above selling yours. Your home should be available to see the 1st or 2nd weekend it hits the market and after any price reductions. Not all agents are available to show their buyers each weekend or may be on vacation so we make sure to never lose an opportunity to get buyers in your home. Back in 2014 we hosted our best open house and brought in 39 buyers through the house in two hours and 8 offers that day selling our clients home for $10,000 over list price to a cash buyer. This was long before the market was as hot for sellers.

#3 Our Effective Staging Methods.

Our sellers receive our complimentary staging process for homes under $500,00 (for homes over $500,000, there is a small fee depending on the level of staging needed). We not only bring in a stager to help with your current furniture, décor and room by room strategy we also bring in items we feel will help your home shine during photos and showings to bring you top dollar. We know what the buyers want and we have the tools. We feel a properly staged home is so important we offer the guidance and tools for free. Check out our past listings to see how ours outperform other listings in style, placement and photography. We stand behind everything we do and never leave one leaf left unturned. Having an agent on your side that pays attention to even the smallest details of your home is essential in getting top dollar and attracting the most buyers. How many times have you seen a listing online that you just shook your head at while browsing through the photos? This will never happen on our listings and our clients truly feel we are underpaid after they experience what we do to get their home sold.

#4 Showing & Feedback Systems

Our clients love our showing system app that helps them easily manage and get notifications right to their phones of agents that want to show and what time. All our clients have to do is respond to a text message or use the app to confirm easy showings ahead of time. We set up the showing requests on a time that best fits your schedule and make sure you are informed every step of the way. Not only does our app and system notify you of showings but it also provides instant feedback from agents that have shown, guiding us on what the buyers felt about your home and the price. Most importantly: Instant showing requests from agents means faster response time to confirm a showing & could mean a faster offer in turn. The app allows you to easily manage, confirm and cancel showings at a click of a button.

#5 Customer Service & Client Support

Our team works hard to be sure you are well taken care of and that all your questions are answered quickly and thoroughly. The one thing that most of all our clients rave about is our responsiveness and ability to treat our clients like they are the only ones we have. Not only do you deal with us directly on your transaction but you also have the support of our office staff that are there to ensure we are meeting important deadlines and have all the information we may need to help you make an informed decision. Our office staff also keeps in close contact with the lenders, agents and closing attorneys to ensure a smooth and pain free transaction. We honestly become friends with many of our clients because we treat them like our family through their transaction and long after they close. Our clients happiness is our upmost concern, we strive to have Clients for Life

#6 Access to Affordable Vendors

We have a handful of wonderful vendors that will not only help you obtain the best priced loan but inspect the home for issues, help you repair those issues and help you prepare the home for sale. Our clients love to use our vendors because they show up on time, offer competitive prices and do a great job. Our vendors want to keep our team happy so we continue to keep them busy so having rapport with a vendor is key to getting results. We strive to save our clients money when it comes to home improvements and repairs and feel good about those we suggest.

Buy or sell your home with our team! We are not only exceeding expectations, we are setting standards of what it means to be a GREAT REALTOR!

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